Football betting basics

Football is the world-class and most popular sport, and it has captured the hearts of entire nations as the number one game in terms of audience, popularity and budget.

Football betting basics for Arab players

Football betting basics

Football betting basics must be teached around the world , football is the world-class and most popular sport, and it has captured the hearts of entire nations as the number one game in terms of audience, popularity and budget. Likewise, real money betting on football is one of the most popular sports categories and brings together millions of enthusiasts who are rocking the colors of their favorite teams. With good reason, betting sites have been able to adapt to this ever-increasing demand and now offer diverse and varied betting possibilities. bet  participate in several bets at the same time, follow your favorite teams or discover new features of major events.

There are many possibilities to get your adrenaline through the multiple opportunities to win huge profits. Today our team brings you a summary for Arab players of what you need to know to get started in the jungle that could be the world of the basics of online football betting.

An overview of the best sites for Arab players:

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Bitfinal Sports

888 sports


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1xBet Sports

Betway Sports

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How to choose the right football betting site?

To ensure an excellent online betting experience, getting into and comparing different sports betting sites, even though it is a tedious step, is a boring step. A necessity that should not be overlooked. You should choose the site that meets all your requirements and contains all the services that guarantee you a better chance of winning, having fun and having fun. But there is no need to get lost in the crowded sports betting market and its endless options: to make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of the safest, most attractive and reputable bookmakers in the Arab world.

We have made this list based on some of the key criteria that you should carefully consider in your selection: site trust and reputation, tournament coverage, welcome offers and bonuses, competitive odds and betting options, professionalism in technical and customer support, utility of the mobile app interface and withdrawal speed.

How to bet on football online and what are the best types of bets?

At first glance, you may be overwhelmed by the number of betting markets out there. Here is an overview of the 4 types of football betting available on all the very popular betting sites that will have you glued to your seat for 90 minutes of the match.


Goals Betting (Over/Under): This market simply allows you to bet on the total number of goals scored by the two teams you expect in that match. This is one of the best and most popular football bets. Concretely, if you bet more than 2.5 goals in a match with a difference of 2.00, you must score 3 or more goals in order to win.


Match result: You decide to bet on the home team winning (1) or the away team (2) or on a tie (X). A very good type of betting for beginners, still requires a bit of luck or solid knowledge to establish your prediction, even if some prefer the help of a specialized prediction site.


Number of corner kicks: Many fans are increasingly enjoying betting on the number of corners that will be taken in a match due to its rarity and thus the excitement it provides. While the high/low bets are the most common, there are also bets on the total number of corners. Concretely, if you bet more than 9.5 corner kicks for a match with a coefficient of 2.00, you will win the bet if 10 or more corner kicks are taken.


Score Both Teams: When you think it is difficult to predict the winner but you expect both teams to score the net, it can be profitable to bet on both teams. With this type of bet, you win if both teams score at least one goal during the 90 minutes of the match.

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