Paysafecard: a good payment option for bettors

Paysafecard is a globally recognized and very popular payment method. We give you an overview of the functions, advantages and disadvantages of this method for your games and bets.

Paysafecard: a good payment option for Kuwaiti sports bettors?

Paysafecard:A payment option for bettors

Paysafecard: bettors payement and a globally recognized and very popular payment method, it has established itself in Kuwait with its excellent reliability, ensuring a safe experience for Kuwaiti players in sports betting and online casinos. We give you an overview of the functions, advantages and disadvantages of this method for your games and bets.that makes paysafecard: bettors payement good option

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Paysafecard bettors payement for Kuwaiti players?

+ Simple operation and good expense control

+ Safest payment method

+ Easily accessible thanks to its large network of points of sale

– Requires physical transportation to the store

Disadvantages of Paysafecard for Kuwaiti players?

– No bank account withdrawal: commit to using another payment method

– The maximum deposit is smaller than other payment methods

– Possibility to be excluded from welcome bonuses

What are the great sports betting sites and casino sites that offer this payment option?



bet 365


I bet at home

the bet

William Hill

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What is paysafecard services?

Currently available in more than 40 countries, Paysafecard is a prepaid payment method that enhances the security of your online transactions. Simply buy Paysafecard codes with the value of your choice and up to 120 Kuwaiti dinars at one of the stores listed on their website. Note that no additional fees or taxes will be added to the amount paid to your card, which is therefore equal to the amount available in the code. The only case for paying an additional fee is if there is money left in your account after one year, yet the monthly service fee remains minimal. In addition, no personal data will be requested: it is a 100% secure and anonymous solution. When you want to deposit at your favorite sports betting site or online casino (accepting Paysafecard payments), no banking information will be sent to them. However, it is important to know that Paysafecard charges a fee of 2% on payments involving currency exchange than those initially charged for payment.

How does Paysafecard work for depositing and withdrawing money online?

When you buy your Paysafecard codes in the store, a 16-digit code will be issued to make your payments online. To transfer your money to online sites, all you have to do is enter the 16-digit combination and select the amount. Required of your transaction. Paysafecard code payment option found with other deposit options and transactions are almost instant. You have the possibility to use only a part of the card balance but also the possibility to use several cards to collect their sum. Paysafecard has a free mobile app available on iOS and Android allowing players to keep all their codes safe there. The app also offers the possibility to make mobile payments via QR codes, which is also an interesting function on the. daily basis.

However, in connection with withdrawals, it is impossible to return the funds to the prepaid Paysafecard. So you have to register another payment method through which you can withdraw money to transfer it to your bank account.

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